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[CS​-​011] / "Kickin' & Screamin"


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Liquid Love 02:43
LIQUID LOVE I've got my head on back to front For just one moment I'm in love Hate turns to love when we go down Toxic love is twisting round Ain't hanging round cos I'll be off Not someone who'll take a lot All we're feeling is liquid love Beautiful delicious liquid love I love your dead infactuate Private poison deadly taste Don't trust or love but kind of fun Intoxicating liquid love Spit spit split personality A little bit stiff But it's getting harder over you It's so good being bad Take my hand and let's go down Spit spit split personality When can I come down Poison me with complements Sleeping with the enemy
Cold Logic 02:28
COLD LOGIC Kind of a strange that a politician is such a bad lyer When being a lyer seems such a big part of the job Machine guns sing And we're still angry Kickin' and screaming Corruption is madness They don't mean what they're saying don't say nothing at all I don't think the way you think sit passively and do what I'm told Your cold logic defeats me as the world exists for you You fail to take into account other people's needs and rights Your coldness hard and callus makes me shiver I feel nothing for those who are connected with nothing Your existence an illusion no forgiveness no love no understanding part of you disgusts me with your parasitic cold logic Most people are the same under the skin no ones better or worse Just different on the outside but some people it's simply pure evil
DON'T LOOK DEATH IN THE EYES I first saw death from the corner of my eye In a hospital bed taking this person that person I didn't see it's face I didn't want to I was scared if I did it would take me to Don't look don't look close your eyes Don't look you're dead if you look in the eyes All I wanna do is live forever Looking back at my teenage dreams My lust for life won't leave me ever I'm feeling nothing more than pressure It's a sick world (no) full of sick people I was on my death bed when it came for me Didn't look closed my eyes turned my head I wanted it to take someone else instead Nervous laughter is a cheap luxury
Hey Cop 02:26
HEY COP Hey cop fuck off Hey cop fuck off Thinking you're so special Got a situation Peaceful demonstration Machine guns strapped on to there backs Intimidation fascist imagery This is the real sacred Reich The future uniformed visionary Thinking you're so special Got a confrontation Peaceful demonstration Commercial exploitation So you're free to conform I am screaming at you Who passively accept the police as authority You are your own authority Anarchy what does it mean to me? Anarchy means my own personal freedom My right to choose and think Freedom of expression Something the system and government want to control I can't stand the despair It's the hope that worries me The nerves the battle the confrontation The system that takes away our freedom In the name of democracy
PUSHED ME AROUND Gonna tell you a story that I´m never coming back Now I do like my drugs but I want no more of that St. Georges state of sedation Your not putting me on no medication Don´t push me Sectioned in a ward start to scream and shout They wanna keep me in but I wanna get out Sedate me it´s more than I need Sharing dirty needles from cooking speed
CONTEMPLATING SUICIDE Blocked out today It was important that I did I have to go now Remind me again who are you and why Contemplating Suicide Is your vision clear If only that you dare Why are you here Your despair that we can fear Contemplating Suicide Show me your weakness Deliver your hypocrisy Locked in closed rooms Tread so carefully you wanna kill yourself
Waste Away 02:13
WASTE AWAY Well I woke up this morning to a catastrophy Another new day that is staring at me The radio's blaring out the one o'clock news As I lay in my bed with the dull day blues Another day Another new day as the one before As I fell just rotten right to the core I've got to get out get out right now Help me out with the solution now What do you think will happen when you come across another day
Escúchame 02:18
ESCUCHAME Escucha escúchame Don´t create reality before you create yourself Don´t be a slave take control life without hope is a living hell Government lies Society isolation Here´s an old man of 92 Still waiting for his dreams to come true Don´t fear death laugh at happiness Desperation cheating us out of life By promising us all prosperity The only possible reward is death Fear of poverty isolation Why what when where Meaningless of everything despair Pathways gateways walk through In my sleep I grind my teeth and the days tick by The same system that takes away our freedom in the name of democracy Men can never be free because they're weak and corrupt These people believe in authority never anything different But a what cost they financed lifetime So look to the future won´t it be a bit brighter In a world forever changing is this my living life of death Demented disillusion In utter confusion This is my father of 92 Still waiting for his dreams to come true
Executioner 03:15
EXECUTIONER We paid each other sideways glances the stare the hunt no reaction Sadist when you put me down you make me feel dead inside No doubt you'll twist the truth to make your intentions clear No honna no expectation despair in stark isolation This journey’s over no pain this bad Not around to defend myself you were a friend of mine Dignified silence you're my executioner Put up so shut up I think you're out of existence Switch off no safety sanctuary your face is etched out of my mind Here I come kicking and screaming face to face I won't shake your hand This fight will bite you back a wake up call for grim reality
Rip It Out 03:29
RIP IT OUT I can't control myself but don't let it fool ya You are my hero cos I want to live free But don't ignore the essential side kindness and inner beauty Wouldn't it be easy wouldn't it be easy Farewell my not forgotten friend Farewell my not forgotten friend You died the beautiful death my friend Rip it out rip it out rip it out (Rip that cancer out) We come into this life of sorrow Die a little bit more by giving a little bit more Wouldn't it be easy wouldn't it be easy We seek protection from an unforgiven momentum Who's lips talk treachery from voices young and old The tears in the distance tears in the distance Wouldn't it be easy wouldn't it be easy
I WANNA BE A PUNK You wanna be a punk but your mother wouldn't let you You wanna be an anarchist but not sure how to? What I do Know is how to shout fuck off But what I do know is how to say fuck you You ain't going out looking like that Lick the toilette vomit on the floor I would like to think have a brain Nothing can never be the same I thing about this everyday But I'm scared of what my mom would say You wanna be a punk but your mother wouldn't let you You wanna be an anarchist but not sure how to? You wanna be a punk but your mother wouldn't let you I'm a fatalist believe in nothing I'm a nihilist believe in nothing I'm an anarchist believe in nothing I'm a fuckin' idiot believe in nothing
UNION CARBIDE 1,9,8,4 Nineteen eighty four Nineteen eighty four is midnight in Bhopal And a big cyanide cloud reaches to the sky They are dreaming of the work Dreaming for the chance But they never wake up But they never wake up Died on gas Deformed faces Subhuman children Deformities Neglected And the dirty leaders of the multinationals Still laugh with total impunity Orgy of death blood and money Guilty will they ever pay? Nuclear dreams radioactive gases They are not anymore Nuclear dreams radioactive gases They are not human anymore
Kaos 04:09
KAOS I want to be the global threat Brain of destruction I want to see the total chaos The world in an explosion Kaos it is your end Kaos it is coming soon Nobody can save us Is too late to change They were looking for the power And now all go to shit Kaos it is your end Kaos it is coming soon


Sold out / Agotado (CD and Vinyl LP)

Esta banda se formó originalmente en Stafford en 1980 hasta 1988. La banda vuelve a reunirse en 1997 con los miembros originales Stu-Pid, AGZ y Minty junto con Jock y Ross de GBH. Para grabar el tan esperado primer album “Everydays your last day”. Desde entonces, la batería han sido ocupadas por Stick de DOOM y EXTREME NOISE TERROR y Scoot actual bateria de GBH. En 2001 Stu-Pid se fue a vivir a Alicante (España) para concentrarse en la gira por Europa. actualmente la banda la forman: Pid a la voz, Mad Max Evilsen a la bateria, Fre al bajo, Rafahell y Teabag a las guitarras. En su discografia puedes encontrar 3 singles y 3 LP; este nuevo album “Kickin’ & screamin” es su último disco grabado en el año 2011 y es editado por Collector’s Series, junto a Potencial Hardcore, Ojalá Me Muera Records, Canya de la Muntanya, Mass Productions y el propio grupo.

Recorded at Sónica Estudios by Óscar Martínez.
Mixed and Produced at Sónica Estudios by Óscar Martínez and Sensa Yuma.
Mastered at Streamline Mastering by Óscar Martínez.
All songs by Sensa Yuma except Kaos by RIP.
All lyrics by Pid except Union Carbide by Rafa-Hell and Kaos, translated from original.
Cover by Uri.B.
Edited by: Mass Productions, Potencial Hardcore, Canya Muntanya Recs, Ojalá Me Muera Recoords, Collector's Series DIY Recs & Sensa Yuma.


released September 30, 2011

Sensa Yuma are:
Pid: Vox
Mad Max Evilsen: Drums
Fré: Bass
Rafa-Hell: Guitar
Teabag: Guitar
Backing vocals by Sensa Yuma and Paul Punko!Uk.




Collector's Series DIY Málaga, Spain

Record Label DIY non commercial profit, since 1999-2004; refounded in 2008. We need your support to be able to continue publishing records. Spread the word, share, thank you so much!

Sello discográfico DIY/Autogestión, desde 1999-2004 y refundado además, como distro en 2008. Necesitamos tu apoyo para poder seguir moviendo y publicando material discográfico. ¡Corre la voz, comparte, mil gracias!
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